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$500 super intensive consultation on 420 law

The Ultimate, Up-to-Date One-on-one legal consultation.  In order to enhance and empower your decision making processes, and to set the stage for your understanding of the law, we have put together an intensive one on one legal counsel session Mr. Richlin offers here in our Downtown L.A. offices.  This legal consultation is very detailed and includes a copy of Mr. Richlin’s constantly revised 108 page paperback book, now in its 11th edition, on Federal, State and Local law. The book is never sold but only made available to clients in connection with the consultation, something we named MEDICAL HERB COLLEGE back in 2006.  Mr. Richlin uses this constantly updated book as a framework for the consultation and marks up and outlines the law so that you can recap the meeting from your book. Call our office to make your appointment for the Consultation. Our flat rate is $500 for this service.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.17.37 AMTo understand the Brand New medical herb laws. Mr. Richlin has prepared an up to the minute 194 page set of materials which are supportive of a special hour of consultation on the topic.  You will really have a handle on the topic and the exciting future of licensed, for profit medicine in the state. The book is never sold but only made available to clients in connection with the consultation.

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To Start Your own Medical Herb business. Mr. Richlin has written a book about each type of corporation in the State.  With the Master Kit, and its custom fill-in the blank forms, you will file your own state law compliant corporation and save about $3000-$7000 in legal fees by advancing the filing fees and doing simple legwork for your own entity mostly online.  These books are never sold, only provided in connection with one on one consultation here in our Downtown Los Angeles, CA office.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.00.10 PM•The Basic is $500; the New California Law Intensive is $500.  The corporate kit is an additional $1000.   The Whole Enchilada is $2000.  You can expect to lay out only $2000 in our office with no surprises. You will spend about $800 (rush filing) or $400 (standard) on your credit/debit card with other companies such as  the State of California, your Registered Agent, and the One Week Rush Filing Process, all forms and hookups for which are included in the Master Kit.

Litigation Services. In addition, we can represent you before city council, in court and/or before legislative and administrative hearings as to civil matters.  With respect to these services, the firm requires a written retainer and payment, which is determined on a case by case basis depending on your needs. Our rates for these services are hourly, call for a quote for fees for your particular matter.

Expert Witness Services. Mr. Richlin has been court qualified as an expert in support of the defense of medical herb charges.

Our office specializes and practices law exclusively in the State of California, before each and every State and Federal Court and throughout the State.  We have represented in excess of 300 collectives; Mr. Richlin has been a lawyer for 25 years.

We answer your questions in the context of the attorney-client relationship which is only created by hiring our office by entering a written retainer agreement. Otherwise this site should be considered merely general info not necessarily applicable to your particular case. Demand a qualified, licensed expert, a one-on-one relationship with a licensed attorney, this is what we provided, so give us a call for your appointment today.

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