Expert Marijuana Lawyer — Stewart Richlin, Esq.

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Stewart Richlin, Esq. has been an attorney for about 30 years, representing cannabis rights for ten years full time. Mr. Richlin brings powerful and honed skills to 420 law, with extensive experience in litigation, both how to win it and how to avoid it, transactions, contracts and deals, corporate and business law.

Over the past two and a half decades Mr. Richlin has worked in several A/V rated law firms including Schulman & Davidoff where he was of counsel in business litigation; Ezer, Williamson, & Brown focusing on real estate and complex litigation, and handling the pre-litigation department of ABOTA member and Attorney of the Year Gregory A. Yates’ civil rights and complex injury litigation practice. Mr. Richlin majored in History at UCLA and graduated Southwestern University School of Law, with the degree of Juris Doctor, with a distinction for outstanding scholarship in the area of Real Estate, earning a book award at graduation.

Since having focused on cannabis law, several of Mr. Richlin’s important milestones have been (2005) obtaining a superior court order governing the management of a medical marijuana collective pending a divorce case Mr. Richlin was handling, (2008) giving a talk on the Attorney General’s Guidelines at NORML’s Southern California office, (2007) obtaining the dismissal or favorable settlement for about 20 collectives threatened with eviction due to the Bush Administration’s pressure, (2010) obtaining an injunction against the City of Los Angeles’ Ordinance.  Mr. Richlin has been court qualified as an expert witness on the topic, and has won many victories for his clients both in court and out of court.

“As an attorney with 30 years’ experience, my greatest satisfaction comes from representing patients who are taking responsibility for their well being and health.”

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