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The WHOLE ENCHILADA is $2500 Detailed one on one consultation with Stewart Richlin Esq 30 year lawyer, court qualified as a 420 Expert Witness $500 Marijuana Law Intro..1 hr $500 Medical Marijuana post 2018..1 hr $500 Recreational Marijuana post 2018..1 hr $1000 Nonprofit Kit.. 1.5 hr plus $400 filing fees

 What are the New Laws on Recreational Marijuana and Medical Marijuana?

img_20161113_154317How can I get a license? How much longer are collectives permitted?What are the BRAND NEW rules on AUMA for recreational cannabis, and SB94 for medical and recreational cannabis, and when will they take effect?  2018 according to the Governor’s signing statement.  Till then is the collective defense still sound? Yes in fact the collective defense will extend to 1/1/19, at least. Longer if the state government delays in issuing licenses, as the collective defense by definition lasts 1 year after the first license issue date (see SB94). And it’s not called marijuana now, it got its real name back: CANNABIS!!

Pictured are the materials for the whole enchilada: A. the INITIAL MEET, B. the MEDICAL and C. RECREATIONAL specializations and D. the NONPROFIT COLLLECTIVE KIT. In about 10 days you will have your own collective and thus the defense for cultivating transporting and distributing cannabis to your patients, and you will know what to do to get licensed for Medical or Recreational and keep growing with this industry, pun intended.
Common questions we answer: How to Open a Medical Cannabis Collective? How to Get involved in the Recreational industry? How to transition to the new rules on Growing? Do the laws allow Delivery? How to preserve Trademarks for this industry? What is the significance of Obama’s old admin pronouncements versus Trump and Sessions on the inevitable path towards federal legalization? How does Adult use of Cannabis Act work, How does SB94, the new law work? These are typical legal questions that bring people to our law office seeking the benefit of 30 years of experience, meeting with court qualified expert in support of the 420 defense, attorney Stewart Richlin. Mr. Richlin is a civil rights lawyer, someone with broad experience in representing plaintiffs as to their civil rights, with expert knowledge of the court system, and in particular 11 years, full time, in protecting the rights of cannabis patients in California.

We are literally pioneers in this area of law, at your service. Our office is right near downtown Los Angeles at 316 S Coronado St. Los Angeles, CA 90057.  We see clients by appointment only.

One on One Consultation, Corporate Kit.  Call now to Book an appointment for your Super Intensive Consultation on 420 Law in Los Angeles near downtown.  The idea is for you to have sufficient information on Federal State and Local law to evaluate your decisions for your health care and that of your patients, as well as to adapt to the legalization and licensing conditions.

Call now to book your appointment, and begin your personal graduate level education one on one with a court qualified expert lawyer on this exciting topic, someone who can definitively answer your questions; the initial consultation is $500.  Those who have first had the $500 consult can add the $1000 do it yourself corporate kit which comes with 1 1/2 hours of Mr. Richlin’s time as you go through the steps of perfecting your state compliant nonprofit corporation. Mr. Richlin has represented over 500 collectives, and the great news is that nonprofit patient groups later may transition to for-profit licenses according to the new law.  in the meantime the non profit corporation remains the entity to qualify for local licenses and the defense.  Since SB94, the new law says that the collective defense will remain until 1 year past the first license issue date (according the Governor’s signing statement that will be 2018), so likely the collective defense will remain the only game in town till 1/1/19 at least … And, since Prop 64 allows for Recreational for adults, the game is changing by the second!

Litigation, Expert Services.  If you have a cannabis (marijuana) business or interest that has been discriminated against, we can sue your City or County to protect medical rights in Superior court, and/or in administrative proceedings.  In the past our office obtained a court ordered partial preliminary injunction against the City of Los Angeles after lengthy hearings as reported the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Richlin also provides Expert Witness services to support the medical marijuana defense, has taken the stand about 12 times as a witness in judge and jury trials, and has never lost a case in that capacity.

Call today for your appointment, we are standing by for you.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do SB94, Prop 64, AUMA, work and what are the business opportunities opening up?  What kind of entities or business form is required by California law? Make your appointment today for your intensive review of the law, entities, licenses, taxes, etc etc, call now to book.

When the new medical marijuana licensing laws are fully implemented, probably 1/1/2018, then corporations and even publicly traded companies can run medical marijuana businesses.  However for the time being and until one year past the first license issue date, the California Attorney General’s Guidelines clearly set forth that the only entity that can raise a defense for growing, transporting and distributing medical marijuana for its member patients or perform other social services including educational services regarding marijuana growing, etc., is a properly formed and operated California non-profit organization.  Due to various considerations, the Collective emerges as the best entity to create by and through a nonprofit corporation for now, and for profit will be state legal in the future when state licenses are issued.  In our meeting we analyze the Individual, Caregiver, Collective/Cooperative defenses; dispensaries, deliveries, and grows.  The new rules allow individuals to grow a space of 10′ by 10′ each, for their own use provided their local city so permits.  Caregivers may grow for 5 or 500 square feet, subject to local rules.  To make an appointment to discuss and analyze your legal rights as a patient, How to Start a Collective, what are the federal, state, and local ramifications, etc., call now, 888-420-LAW-1 or 323-540-4420.  The initial consultation is $500 and it is described further here (press for link).

How do the collectives Educate patients about medical marijuana, Distribute, Grow and Transport Medical Marijuana pursuant to State law, and can they do so despite the federal felony, 5 year and $250,000 fine for each sale less than 100 lbs. which remains on the books?? State law makes it very clear:  Until licenses are issued ONLY A PROPER NONPROFIT collective may perform these activities, and Federal law maintains the felony penalties: a total conflict of law and mind fuck!  However, a properly formed and operated collective should have a perfectly good State law defense under the medcal cannabis laws until 2019…….

But What about Federal law? Legitimate medical  providers of this State are actually civil-disobedience heroes like Ghandi and Martin Luther King for caring for their patient members notwithstanding the heavy federal penalties.  But all is not lost for medical patients at the federal level under Trump.  For one thing President Trump endorsed medical cannabis during the campaign. Further Attorney General Sessions has essentially announced the policy of the Federal government will be to distinguish between medical and recreational which he disfavors, 2 DOJ memos remain making federal law a low priority in deference to State law as to individual patients, and their caregivers, and their non commercial activity provided State law is perfectly adhered-to. And the 9th circuit Federal court has held that the feds may not target state legal activity, and congress has defunded the DOJ on the topic for 3 successive budgets. Nonetheless, Federal Law still holds cultivation and sales to be felonies, and the federal government is committed to enforcing the controlled substances act.

Can your office help us get licenses / establish a collective? You will be informed and empowered with all forms and documents necessary to establish a collective and with information on the required government filings, and counsel and analysis of the new licensing rules and procedures. Our office can give you unlimited information pursuant to the first amendment of the US Constitution and the Federal case of Conant v Walters.

Under State law, individuals, caregivers, and collectives, and then under the new law, corporations may raise the medical marijuana defense for their cultivation, transportation, distribution of marijuana as well as provide educational activities, counseling and social services.  However, even a perfectly set forth state collective defense will not eliminate the possibility of federal prosecution, as Federal courts will not permit the medical marijuana defense. To make an appointment to discuss and analyze your legal rights as a patient, How to Start a Collective, what are the federal, state, and local ramifications, etc., call now, 888-420-LAW-1 or 323-540-4420.  The initial consultation is $500 and it is described further here (press for link).

Stewart Richlin, Esq. has been an attorney for 31 years and has worked in several A/V rated law firms. Having attended UCLA and Southwestern University School of Law, Stew received his Juris Doctorate degree in 1985 with an award for outstanding scholarship in Real Estate.  Compare and demand qualified legal services.  When evaluating professionals, avoid an attorney who wants to become your partner, one who uses unlicensed runners or cappers, or who makes unusual or unprofessional promises that no ethical lawyer could keep.

Mr. Richlin has counseled thousands on Medical Marijuana Law, has victoriously represented dispensaries in Superior Court, in administrative and legislative hearings, and most recently succeeded in briefing and arguing significant portions of a recent successful injunction application in Los Angeles.  During the Bush administration, Mr. Richlin successfully defended 100% of about twenty 420 evictions based on the federal forfeiture threat letters of 2007, including to and through trial and judgment for the defense in Los Angeles Superior Court. During 2010 Mr. Richlin entered into litigation versus the City of Los Angeles, significantly participated in the oral arguments and written briefs and obtained a partial preliminary injunction, which caused the City to rewrite a more equitable ordinance.  Most recently, Mr. Richlin has had lots of success thanks to the juries, as an expert witness (check out that page), and the office has taken on the task of litigating Proposition D on behalf of about thrity collectives together with collaborating counsel.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service.  Especially as to What are the New Laws on Medical Marijuana?  How can I get a license? How much longer are collectives permitted?

what are the new laws on medical marijuana in california

Our practice focuses on civil law, not criminal, and Mr. Richlin practices specifically and exclusively throughout all of the territory and all of the State and Federal courts in the State of California.

You are welcome to contact our office.  Routine calls are welcome during office hours, 10:20 – 4:20 M-F or call anytime and leave a message.  Remember, that our office cannot be responsible for handling your matter(s) until and unless we are hired and paid pursuant to a written retainer agreement.  This site is not intended to create an attorney client relationship.  No such relationship exists until and unless we are hired and paid pursuant to a written retainer agreement.  This site contains general information, not necessarily applicable to your particular case.  Be sure to consult and hire only licensed medical, financial and legal professionals.  Please don’t contact us thru email or fax, the only sure way to communicate is by phone when you actually speak with a live person, so call our office for your needs at the above numbers!  To make an appointment to discuss and analyze your legal rights as a patient, How to Start a Collective, What is the License Process, what are the federal, state, and local ramifications, etc., call now, 888-420-LAW-1 or 323-540-4420.  The initial consultation is $500 and it is described further here (press for link).

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Our office is right near downtown Los Angeles at 316 S Coronado St. Los Angeles, CA 90057

We see clients by appointment only.
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Disclaimer: our office can not take active steps on your behalf just render legal counsel; additionally, we will not participate in any part of the medical marijuana law that facilitates commercial marijuana growing or selling operations, and we will not facilitate nor assist in any way in any activity, that facilitates, normalizes, standardizes, expedites, or assists in the establishment of facilities set up for the commercial growing and selling of marijuana until not just State but also Federal law so allows.  Remember, only legitimate activity by patients with legitimate needs will successfully be able to raise the defense of medical marijuana under State and Local law, gangsters, opportunists, money launderers will not and are not welcome as our clients.

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